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Atlanta skyline at night

About CCT Atlanta

Community Consulting Teams (CCT) was founded in Boston in 1990 and expanded to Atlanta in 1996. CCT Atlanta received its own 501(c)3 designation in 2010.   From modest beginnings, CCT Atlanta today undertakes 15-25 projects each year, staffed by more than 100 volunteers from around metro Atlanta. Cumulatively since 1996, CCT Atlanta has helped more than 300+ nonprofit organizations. CCT Atlanta is endorsed by the Atlanta Business School Alliance (ABSA), an alliance of 17 Atlanta-area MBA alumni clubs from the top graduate business schools in the country. Many of our volunteers are graduates of ABSA member schools.

CCT Atlanta has also developed a strong relationship with the Georgia Center for Nonprofits and local foundations. Through this relationship, we are able to make the nonprofit community more aware of the service we provide and identify attractive projects. CCT Atlanta has historically been funded exclusively by a committee of eight to ten volunteers who organize CCT. Current plans are for CCT Atlanta to undertake 15-25 projects this year. Besides the current chapters in Atlanta and Boston, the national CCT program envisions creating several additional chapters in the next few years.

CCT Mission Statement

Community Consulting Teams (CCT) Atlanta is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help local non-profit organizations address their strategic management challenges through teams of volunteer professionals seeking personal development and opportunities to contribute to the community.

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